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It's simple! We will guide you through the easy process of syncing and uploading your data, and answering a few straightforward questions about your business. Once you have completed all these steps on our site, you will be able to immediately  download, print, and receive an emailed copy of your completed Schedule C. The Schedule C is your tax document for your business that will need to be filed as a part of your completed personal tax return. With your Schedule C in hand, the business portion of your tax return is complete! All you have to do next is decide how you would like to complete the rest of your personal return.

With your Schedule C in hand, you have the following options on how to complete the rest of your personal return:

  • Take your Schedule C to a tax preparer of your choice to complete your personal tax return.
  • Use your Schedule C to fill in the correct information/fact check a preparer such as HR Block or TurboTax, for example.
  • Book with Bolger & Associates to complete the rest of your personal tax return, by calling 513-793-6267.

   Legal Compliance

The IRS requires all business owners to file a tax form called the Schedule C. The Schedule C is only one part of your total tax return, but it is the most labor-intensive part. It is also the most difficult tax form to complete for Pure Romance Consultants, even for many seasoned tax preparers. Our many years of experience with Pure Romance and expertise in tax law provides our clients with the confidence in knowing that your Schedule C will be prepared in compliance with the legal guidelines set forth by the IRS.

   Pure Romance Consultant Online Office, Square. and PayPal

We collect your tax data from the Pure Romance Consultant Online Office, Square, and PayPal. You will simply login to Pure Income Tax and follow the steps on our site to sync and upload all tax data from the COO, Square and PayPal. Your tax data will then automatically be plugged into your Schedule C tax form. We make sure your numbers are right, so you don't have to worry!

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   Straight Forward Questions

Once your tax data has automatically been plugged into your Schedule C from the Pure Romance Consultant Online Office, Square, and PayPal, we will walk you through a few more questions that are specific to your business. Our questions are in plain English, so no more trying to decipher complicated tax documents.


We are here to help you every step of the way. When you become our client, you will have the opportunity to have your tax questions answered by our experienced tax professionals. We are also here to support you if any issues should arise while using our site. With any questions or concerns please email us at support@pureincometax.net

Tax Audits

Inaccurate tax information can lead to audits, which can result in tax penalties, high priced lawyers, or even loss of business.

It's the law

This is a responsibility of all business owners. Also, filing taxes may allow you to have additional benefits and credits, as allowed by law. You may be eligible for tax benefits even if you have taken a loss this year!

Maximize Deductions

We ask all the right questions to ensure that we maximize your allowable deductions. This translates to more money in your pocket!

Who is this for?

Currently, we are offering this service exclusively to Pure Romance Consultants.

Am I eligible?

If you are a Pure Romance Consultant, and you have access to the Pure Romance Consultant Online Office. You are eligible.

Do I need to file business taxes this year?

Every business owner is required to file their business taxes yearly.

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"My name is Stacey Berkheimer and I have been a Pure Romance Consultant for 14 years. You have absolutely no idea how excited I am for you to use PureIncomeTax.com. Years of being disorganized and never knowing if I am capturing the right information to complete my taxes had me so stressed out. With the ease of this system, I know the information I am providing to the IRS is accurate and being handled by tax professionals who have my best interest at heart. Never again will I be haunted by the dreaded IRS audit. You have to give this system a try because I am confident you will love it and be better able to use your time doing what we enjoy the most, getting paid to party!"

Stacey BerkheimerCincinnati

"Using Pureincometax.com took the stress out of filing taxes. It actually pulls your information from the Pure Romance Consultant Online Office, and you can upload documents from your Square and PayPal credit card processors with ease. What I really loved is for each section it breaks down what you need to enter, so it takes the guess work out. I 100% recommend using pureincometax.com. The bonus is John Bolger is patient and extremely helpful, which made this experience even better.""

Nikki SherbourneKentucky

“I love PureIncometax.com. This program has helped me stay organized and gives me the easy button. All I have to do total up all my expenses into the system and it creates my Schedule C. I love the ease of this program and how it maps everything out for you, to make sure all expenses are accounted for. I will always use this system in the future. Thanks John Bolger and team for a great program to use to make taxes a breeze.”

Amy Rossi-EspagnetAtlanta

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We saw a need for consultants to be able to generate their business taxes accurately and not be bogged down with confusing forms and unnecessary data. Let us help you with this daunting task.

— John Bolger

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